Nawaz Sharif’s London Properties — Rebuttal to Daily Mail Article

In reference to the article published in Daily Mail regarding the alleged properties of Nawaz Sharif, there are many incorrect statements and concealment of key backgrounds that are summarized here:

– There are only 3 references currently under trail in NAB court:

1- Gulf Steel (Dubai — UAE)
2- Hill Metal (Jeddah — KSA)
3- Avenfiled Apartments (London — UK)

These references are related to concealment of assets or assets beyond means. There are no financial corruption allegations or any investigations into any government project that was done under Nawaz Sharif since he started politics in 1980s. The JIT comprising of intelligence agencies had full powers under Legal Mutual Assistance to investigate any property or finances in any country, but none other than these Avenfield flats are under investigation.

Gulf Steel was established in 1970’s before Nawaz Sharif entered politics. The other steel mill Hill Metal was setup after military coup while they were in exile in Jeddah, therefore there are no questions of using his office for illegal setup of these assets or businesses

– The legal jurisdiction of these properties and business are in the countries in which they operate or are present, and there are currently no investigations being done in UAE, KSA or UK on any of these

– The cases regarding money laundering and illegal transactions were initiated in year 2000 by General Musharraf and were cleared by Supreme Court in January 2018. These cases ran for 18 years and got cleared from all NAB, Trial and High Courts under different regimes of Musharraf and Zardari. Any question of illegal wealth transferred from Pakistan to buy these properties abroad now stands cleared by Supreme Court

 as final judgement. A copy of judgement is attached here

– Properties other than Avenfield Apartment were bought by Hasan Nawaz on mortgage for rebuilding/renovation and sold back in market. This property business was started after 1999 military coup when Sharif family was in exile and not in power for 14 years

– Article says that Hassan Nawaz and Hussain Nawaz fled Pakistan after cases, however they both have been living abroad for more than 18 years since after the military coup

– The value of 4 Avenfield apartments is 7 Million pounds (1.7M each), which is tiny fraction of their assets in Pakistan and their income. As comparison, the single Hill Metal Steel Mill in Jeddah has reportedly generated $50 million (£38 million pounds) profit in recent years. This amount was remitted back to Pakistan through banking channels and this amount could have been used to buy another 25 properties like Avenfield apartments

– Mian Sharif, father of Nawaz Sharif and one of the leading industrialist of Pakistan left assets in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and UK after his death in 2004. These assets are estimated to worth in excess of $1 billion ($1,000 million) and include the following:

–> Ramzan Sugar Mill
–> Chaudhry Sugar Mill
–> Hamza Chipboard and Paper Mill
–> Business Property — 6A New Muslim Town Lahore
–> Business Property — 70 Abu Bakar Block Lahore
–> 3 Flats in Avenfield House in Mayfair London
–> Raiwind Residential Property
–> Shaheen Agriculture Farm
–> Sharif Medical City, Raiwind
–> Sharif Educational Complex, Raiwind
–> Ittefaq Foundary, Lahore
–> Aziziah Steel Mill, Jeddah
–> Two Banglows in Model Town, Lahore
–> Office Space at Empress Road, Lahore

– The value of Avenfield Apartments would be less than 1% the value of the other assets as mentioned above. An article written in 2005 confirms the details of split of Sharif family property and also confirms that the London Flats belonged to Mian Sharif during his life.

– Article says that Sharif family produced some dubious letter from Qatari Prince about link to Avenfiled Properties in Mayfair, but ignored the fact that majority of Mayfair area is owned by same Qatari Prince and all buyers in this area would have to go through same Qatari royals. This article on Independent confirms the massive area of Mayfair owned by Qatari Royals with maps.

– Most prominent international newspapers like New York Times have pointed fingers at powerful Military Establishment backing these cases against Sharif family

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