PMLN Cabinet Hints at Offensive Strategy

The names in new cabinet hints that PMLN decided to switch to offensive mode against the establishment and fight for the civilian supremacy guaranteed in the constitution.

Khawaja Asif being the foreign minister is a clear sign that PMLN’s government wants to bring the Foreign Policy matters back into civilian control. His stance on civilian supremacy is well known and is one of the best performing ministers who delivered in reducing the electricity crises in last 4 years. After sacrificing Tariq Fatmi from Foreign Advisor position in Dawn Leaks saga, inclusion of Khawaja Asif shows that PMLN wants to play on the front foot.

Ahsan Iqbal as Interior Minister is another sign that PMLN wants to bring back FIA and other civilian agencies under full civilian control. Chaudrhy Nisar is a party loyalist, but his close terms with military raised many doubts about effectiveness of civilian control on many issues like Dharna 2014, his mysterious disappearances on many high profile security incidents and picking up of many PMLN Social Media activists by FIA.

Talal Chaudhry is a new entrant in the Federal Cabinet as Minister of State for Interior. His inclusion hints that PMLN will be going aggressively against offenders who post fake stories on social media. Talal Chaudhry is young and can spend more energies in domains of interior Ministry.

Khurram Dastgir is another party loyalist and strong supporter of democracy. His portfolio of Defense Ministry also gives and strong message that PMLN is not ready compromise on civilian supremacy in defense matters.

Mushahidullah Khan’s return in cabinet again is the strong anti-establishment message, he was earlier fired for giving an interview where he claimed that some military offiers were behind the Dharna of PTI and PAT in 2014.

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