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Due to extensive growth in traffic and time required in adding all videos, we now are now experimenting with Premium Memberships to cover the costs of bandwidth and expenses for the dedicated person doing the videos.

The original idea of pkpolitics was to archive popular Political Videos for the upcoming generations and we would like to continue this project indefinitely. Unfortunately, hosting videos on public video providers site is not reliable and also not sustainable with the rate of traffic growth. In order to preserve them indefinitely on high capacity as well as reliable infrastructure, we would need to cover the cost, of which the biggest is the bandwidth cost for video streaming.

The Premium Subscription will also bring down the number of users watching the videos in the first 24-48 hours and encourage them to use alternate methods, like satellite, cable and from other sites on Internet.

Many visitors had offered donations and/or subscription fees earlier. We would not prefer to get donations, however individuals willing to donate are requested to signup for longer duration, which will help us cover the initial infrastructure cost.

The following packages have been introduced initially. We will review the operational cost and may increase or decrease the fees. Our target is to drop the fees down to $1 per month and this is possible if only 10% of the current viewers subscribe to Premium Membership.

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