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RAW-NDS are the Producers, Sponsors, Supporters and Exporters of Terrorism in Pakistan. #NDSplayingForRAW

RAW Poisionized Afghanis, We Must Open Our Eyes Before Terrorist Shut it Down. #NDSplayingForRAW

Its High Time to Bomb Indian Consulates & Those Terrorist Packets in Afghanistan to Smithereens to Uproot the Menace. #NDSplayingForRAW

@Shaimaakhalil after the murder afghans committed in Pakistan this week.. I would burn these hats #NDSplayingForRAW

Afghan soldiers won't have food or water but they will have ample supplies of drugs and young boys #AfghanArmy #NDSplayingForRAW…

West "awards" Malala But also provides safe haven to her attacker in Afghanistan, Here he is sending #Peshawar Bomber. #NDSplayingForRAW

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Interrogation video of Afghan trained terrorist. Exactly an Year ago Latifullah Mehsud Admitted NDS-RAW nexus #NDSplayingForRAW #LahoreBlast

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