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They couldn't resist Ayan Ali on ECL how would they retain Nawaz Sharifs name on ECL #PanamaCase #Waitingfordecision

So they are bombing now for Nawaz Sharif on #PanamaCase. There are a lot more. In Sindh and Karachi too. 😐

Like rests of agitprops this will also perish. Failing PTI now playing Pashtun Nationalist card means #Panamacase proved hoax. @StereoWrite_

Asked the Prime Minister about his comments on #Panamacase ...

I have given my best and fought till the last ball for my Country - Imran Khan tweets. #PanamaCase #PanamaLeaks

Twitter Media

NAB documents regarding PanamaLeaks leaked, Chairman NAB mislead the SC to pleased Sharifs #PanamaCase

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