She has revealed a lot less than what she could have, says #RehamKhan, second wife of former Pakistani cricketer-turned-politician #ImranKhan #RehamKhanAutobiography…

Why should I waste my money to buy Reham's book?Why shouldn't I donate that money to building dams?Go support nd donate it's for noble cause and for all of us #Dams #DonateForDams #IshaqDar #RehamKhanAutobiography #nawazsharifreturns @iamhamzaabbasi @iihtishamm @afriditisticOne

#RehamKhanAutobiography like your first husband abused you? You lived in UK and use to eat Pork and drink alchahol and sleep with 2 men in one night! Ask people that know you very well #RehamKhan sorry to say but you are one of those women who in movies are used to trap the nice

I am a cardiologist and I can tell you this is BS. Yes, cocaine use CAN cause cardiomyopathy, but this is VERY RARE. I have no dog in this fight, just correcting an assertion that is medically inaccurate & misleading.… #RehamKhanAutobiography

In #RehamKhanAutobiography She forgot one chapter “Container say Banigala Tak ka safar “ That will prove how sathi savitri she was before her 2nd Marriage #AchaSorry

The fact that Reham's son edited this pile of filth makes it even more disgusting. #RehamKhanAutobiography

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