24th Match

Despite what the official web site is stating, our U18 match v Swansea City will take place on Saturday 25th February & not Friday 24th.

⚽️Match Day vs Birmingham Friday 24th Feb - Home fans only!! Match tickets will be checked on the door⚽️

Our next match is a local derby against @WaterWheelers on the Mules this Friday 24th, come support the guys of both teams @WRU_Community

@HobbesGhirl Yeah - might 24th Match - might just go up - see if theirs any spares

Civil cricket match will be held on 24th of February. Your participation is highly appreciated to succeed the event.

Centuries from South Africa's openers gave them their 24th ODI score of more than 350 - how will Sri Lanka respond? bit.ly/SAvSL11

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