Still in shock after hearing this last night. I hope DrRanjha saw this where his beloved party lumped him with bhensa types.…

@nadiakhaan Dr sahiba have u ever visit pages like Bhensa and Roshni? If this is freedom of speech, as Muslim I don't want this freedom

@salmanarshad Being a s/w engg,I can say that everyone is traceable and so you need to learn more.And even the liberals don't endorse Bhensa

@salmanarshad You are an idiot who is obsessed with irrational fantasies spread by anti-state elements. You quote and RT bhensa and so I can gauge you

@salmanarshad I don't need to get my daily dose of knowledge from bhensa that uses Charlie Hebdo cartoon translations to insult Prophet and Islam.

@salmanarshad As I said,stop living in a fools paradise. You seriously need to up your game and for that leave the folds of Bhensa and Hussain Haqqani.

@salmanarshad I think you need some sleep. Your whole analysis is based on propaganda and has no real substance.Please go and RT bhensa for knowledge

2/2 miasing voice was of the bhensa Adnan Sami the traitor!! I am sure u'll nail it! Btw ur account needs to b verified by twitter by now…

@UmairEmm @mosharrafzaidi Haha I'm most probably older in age than bhensa. Prosperity will come when we r able to reject increment in fauji budget. We're On the way

@salmanarshad @mosharrafzaidi Let me tell you 1 thing:Following bhensa and co will not make you an intellelctual as perceived here.Try to have a mind of your own

@mak_asif Kaun 'BHENSA'? Do you know him?

And I hope it's not judged by Bhensa hunter at large…

@bavagujar PMLN SMT retweeted bhensa , mochi and others .

@Faryfarhan @saaadmalikk even Salman Haider and Bhensa, Giraya etc were linked with PM's cell. It's a maligning campaign & I refuse to be a part spreading these lies

@ComicsByMajid thanks to my mom whose constructive criticism helped me a lot. And laanat to kamina friends who called me bhensa

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