I added a video to a @YouTube playlist AIIMIM Jabir Sahab Chairman Bhensa Full speech @ Sion Indra Nagar

#SheemaKarmani proud Supporter of Gustakh-e-Rasool ( S.A.W ) Bhensa . Libido aunty was protesting against Bhensa abduction. Right ?…

@AamirLiaquat @politicslead every Muslim have too hate BHENSA and Mochi and roshni

@AamirLiaquat Now you're talking against bhensa after altaf hussain ? You bastard deserve slap from all Pakistanis

Black mailing say bara masla bhensa, roshni hain or on kay khilaf koi action nahi yyy we muslims can't tolerate this block them forever

If u can't block bhensa n can block utube to is hum pak kiya matlab lay block n arrest all anti Islamic pages today or close ur office

@MJibranNasir They are atleast doing something asshole. What the fuck are lawyers and YOUR so called society doing? #Bhensa

@MJibranNasir you seem to gravitate to people like bhensa. Check out Awais Iqbal's Facebook page

@rizz_javaid looks like the same bhensa/zalaan group, saw in his retweets

@niazijunaid14 And the BHENSA was promoting peace ?

Sounds like "I can't STAND Bhensa..Bhensa is chutya..I abhor Bhensa but abducting your own citizens is also wrong." Remember @ZarrarKhuhro?

@AamirLiaquat sir we proud of u but #Bhensa page still working what shuold we do...

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