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Fakhar Zaman

@aaysh19 Fakhar Zaman is a good weapon and would probably be called for Internationals. Inn Shaa ALLAH.

Fakhar Zaman was the good pick.Hoping to see him soon in Pakistan team yes so well tht 200 and 59 😛…

.. Fakhar Zaman bowled on 1 over ..took one wicket for 3 runs....why was he not given 2nd over of the match....

@waqar618 @aaliaaaliya agree shadab,, Fakhar Zaman,, Hasan Khan are great must be included in Pakistan team instead of Old Horses 20 runs 🌹

@iiz_saad Fakhar Zaman Asghar Rizwan Amir Yamin Baber Azam Shadab Khan Usama And many more. Everyone's getting their chance so yeah.

Psl Good Out Sohail Khan to Fakhar Zaman via @YouTube

@EnglishBhoot @Zahrayyy fakhar zaman did that one week back 🌚

@karachikhatmal Their approach was really stupid. They turned a proper batsman like Fakhar Zaman into a tulla.

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