Kylie Jenner

Kim Kardashian Defends Sister Kylie Jenner's Forbes Cover After Backlash: 'She Is Self-Made'

😇😘 #Kim_Kardashian Defends Sister #Kylie_Jenner's Forbes Cover After Backlash: 'She Is Self-Made'

Bruh are people seriously donating Kylie Jenner to help her become the youngest billionaire ever? I like and respect Kylie but seriously??? People can donate to someone with 900+ million but won’t donate to non-profits in their own neighborhood.

U.S. boxer Floyd Mayweather was named the world's highest paid entertainer of 2018 by Forbes, beating George Clooney, "self-made" Kylie Jenner, Judge Judy and Dwayne Johnson.

@NYDailyNews Please correct this tweet. She isn’t self-made if her initial investment came from family money and the “what are you doing with your life?” is snarky and denigrating. Suggestion: 19 year old Kylie Jenner is very rich. Why isn’t she a philanthropist? Why isn’t see taxed more?

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