@shahid_siddiqui absolutely. That's a grave situation. Pak army hugely infiltrated by these elements, & that's the greatest danger.

Knowing that your friends are there for you is one of the nicest things ever

IS sympathisers within Pak army pose d real threat. IS running from Iraq finding shelter in Pak. IS leadership Want to capture nuclear arms…

I can have breakfast for dinner

@shahid_siddiqui The person have no respect for his father , how he can respect PM.

@lailazarkk that too!!! I'm fine with multiple scholarships

Can I get a scholarship for being petty????

@GauravPandhi @shahid_siddiqui @nazrah pls speak for urself and don't generalise a commnt by 'WE'. I don't feel Shahid made disgusting comnt

One day imma find someone who texts back as fast as I do and is as interesting as me..... so basically me. I'm looking for myself

@shahid_siddiqui sir , what about physical attack on Tarek Fatah?

.@Nawazuddin_S to cut himself off from civilisation to play Manto

Twitter Media

@TigersBloodCell @shahid_siddiqui regardless. The audacity with which they blame Rahul Gandhi for everything, is not even shocking anymore.

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