3 tests, a quiz and a project due this week.😩 help me lordddddd.

kamil: tests/kernel/arch/amd64: t_ptrace_wait.c: Add new tests dbregs_dr*_trap_variable_readwrite_read_*byte* in arch/amd64

@BunkyFob @ThePracticalDev I don't think this should be considered tests, but usage examples. Even better when runnable, of course

When all your classes have tests the same week 🙃🙃

So, i was watching @andrewpprice latest video at blender guru, and i made some tests with onde of my old render, and it's really impressive.

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One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency. —Arnold Glasow

NASA and the FAA Are Testing Plane Tech to Cut Delays and Shorten Flights buff.ly/2lvyi10

Most of my camera roll right now is pics of tests, notes, and histo slides #nerd

Rest in Peace, Dan Vickerman. 63 Tests, three Rugby World Cups, infinite respect. rugby.com.au/news/2017/02/1…

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California’s overburdened dams face new stress test with more rains expected in the next several days on.wsj.com/2kAkMcx

Easiest Way To $500 A Day clic bit.ly/2lebSk9 Google tests LTE phone calls on... bit.ly/2lVQMrZ

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