@Amirzahi @cfpierce Can you explain how did Kurds collobrate with Zionist against Palestinians?!

Could Israel Offer Palestinians What Their Own Leaders Won’t – Hope?: In April, Karim Fanadka, an Israeli-Arab tech entrepreneur wrote about how the Israeli-Arab tech sector had grown in just a decade’s time. Fanadka noted that “With a collaborative……

This is illegal. It violates international agreements and laws. It's at the root of the conflict. Not only does Israel kill Palestinians who even get close to the border, they then move further into Palestinian lands. It's called settler colonialism.…

Zionism is not a religion. It is not an ethnicity. It is not Judaism. It is an oppressive system and colonial ideology invented in the 19th century that says European Jews have the right to replace Palestinians in Palestine and erase their presence and history.

The comedy spoof on Dutch TV has Israel fuming, just a week after IDF forces killed dozens of Palestinians protesting at the Gaza border

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